Celebrate West Hartford

This past weekend Camp Jewell joined us at Celebrate West Hartford. The weather was beautiful and we had a great time talking to families about the amazing summer we have in store. We participated in the “Step Up To Health” challenge, our tCWH3heme being “Hoop and Holler for Camp!” The challenge was set-up as a scavenger hunt, with children having to search for our booth and six others to complete a healthy activity of some sort in order to get their book stamped and receive a prize. We had three activities to choose from: A  Paddleball Challenge- testing their hand-eye coordination, Hula-Hoop Challenge-testing their endurance and a Slingshot Challenge-testing their aim. Needless to say, we came across some very skilled children!

-West Hartford-Tri-Town YMCA


Because I…

Tahreem Ali is a member of our L.E.A.D Teen Program (Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Achievement, Diversity). She feels that she contributes to making the Y “so much more” because she collaborates with other teens to develop ideas, programs and initiatives that better the community.Because I...

Tahreem participated in our Annual Campaign Phonathon this year and raised $40! Calling people for donations can be extremely intimidating, but Tahreem dialed with a smile and maintained a positive attitude throughout the night. Without the support of selfless people like Tahreem, we would not be able to live our cause and impact as many lives as we have.

-West Hartford/Tri-Town YMCA

Working at the Y is Rewarding

“Today I helped Victor with his multiplication homework and after one explanation, he was able to do the rest by himself. I’ve never seen him smile so bright. I know how crucial small accomplishments are to building a child’s self-confidence and having the ability to play a part in that is extremely rewarding.”

-Devonte Williams, West Hartford/Tri-Town Child Care Aid

Because I…


Miguel Godoy is one of our Youth Sports Instructors and will also be a Camp Counselor this summer. He feels that he makes the Y “so much more” because he helps kids reach their social and athletic potential. We are very happy to have him as part of our team!
Because I...(2)


Erin-Allyn Lopez is a Preschool Teacher at the Tri-Town YMCA. She feels that she personally makes the Y “so much more” because she impacts the lives of 100 different families daily, promotes living healthy and loving freely, and inspires true friendships and life values.
Because I....


– West Hartford/Tri-Town YMCA

Healthy Kids Day!

Despite the rain, we had a great time at Healthy Kids Day this year. We were planning on holding the event outside, but we made due with the gym and were still able to provide kids and families with a fun and educational day. Camp Jewell brought some adorable chicks, a bunny and two goats, which definitely stole the show. The Bloomfield Police, Moms & More and The Humane Society also came to the event with activities and information for families.

We also had a seed planting station where children could pick from a variety of different healthy vegetable seeds to plant in a cup and take home. Hopefully some families will be able to spend a little less at the grocery store now that they have some freshly grown tomatoes, melons and cabbage at home!

Many different organizations donated “healthy-themed” items for the goodie bags we handed out and we are very appreciative. Everyone we reached out to regarding donations was very willing to give anything they could for the event, which reaffirmed how grateful and appreciative people are of the YMCA and what we do.

-West Hartford/Tri-Town YMCA




Because of the LIVESTRONG Program, I can.

“After 12 weeks of the LIVESTRONG at the Y Program, I was physically stronger and had far more endurance and balance than before. More importantly, I had confidence that I could get in even better shape. After the program finished, I joined a gym near my home and began working out 6-7 days a week, doing Spinning, core classes and Boot Camp.

I am in better health now than I was prior to my cancer diagnosis. My blood pressure is great, my cholesterol is great, and I weigh what I weighed in high school.”

-Robert, West Hartford/Tri-Town LIVESTRONG at the Y Participant  LIVESTRONG at the YMCA

Family Fun Night

We had such a great time at Family Fun Night this past Friday at the Pitkin Community Center in Wethersfield. We put together fun activities, a prize that the children could “enter to win” and information on our upcoming programs and summer camp! The night was organized by the Wethersfield Early Childhood Collaborative (WECC) as a way for parents to enjoy a fun night with their children while getting information on different resources for families in the area.

It’s always great when I get to step outside of the office and see firsthand the families that we serve. Interacting with people over the phone is so different than getting to do so in person. I usually don’t get to see our Program Directors in action, so watching Jeff engage with his families and witnessing how much they value him was awesome. I can tell that not only do the children love and trust him, but the parents do as well.

-West Hartford/Tri-Town YMCA

Family Fun Fair 1 Family Fun Fair 2

Battle of the Burrito Fundraiser

We had a great time at our 2014 Battle of the Burrito Fundraiser! It took places at Moe’s  Southwest Grill and a portion of the evenings sales will be going to our Annual Campaign. It was great to interact and catch up with some of our families,staff members and friends. Howie the Hawk even made an appearance which the kids (and staff) LOVED.

Battle of the Burrito Fundraiser

Thank you so much to those of you who came and showed your support. We hope to see you again next year!

-West Hartford/Tri-Town YMCA

Battle of the Burrito Fundraiser2