Wilson-Gray Girls Learn What it takes to be Beautiful


Youth girls from Wilson-Gray came together to celebrate being confident and beautiful during a “Glam Over” event.  The event, hosted by the WG “Girls Creating A Future” program and VP of Leadership Development, Deborah Evans, provided the opportunity for the young girls to join in a discussion with Evelyn Manson-Miller, Owner of XES Spa in West Hartford, about how beauty is not only on the outside, but it starts from within.  Getting to know each and every girl in the room, Evelyn was able to get the girls to open up about what they loved about themselves and what they did not like about themselves.  While doing this exercise, Evelyn explained to them that although there are physical things that we do not like about ourselves, they are things that we have to learn to accept and embrace.  As the event went on, you could see the level of confidence grow as the young girls sang and danced together to music that was inspirational and focused on self-acceptance and beauty.

But the “Glam Over” event did not only include a discussion on what it takes to be beautiful, it also included make-overs to all of the girls.  The girls were able to get their make-up and hair done by Evelyn’s “Glam Squad” and have a mini photo shoot by a professional photographer.  The girls embodied everything they learned during their discussion and showed it through their poses during their photo shoot.  They were definitely confident, fabulous, and chic.  At that moment, they loved everything about themselves and that was the ultimate goal of the event.20130711_171857