Bringing Families Together

Here at the Farmington Valley YMCA, soccer and t-ball programs are more than just a game. Our leagues bring kids and families together, where they not only develop their knowledge of the sport but also build strong lasting relationships with new friends and caring adults. To enhance this experience and provide more opportunities for families to connect, we hosted our first semi-annual Family Picnic this past weekend. It was a beautiful day at Meadow Pond Field, one of our many program sites. The setting was ideal with a plethora of field space, pavilion, plays cape, and pond. There were even a couple of guest appearances from large fish jumping out of the water!  We had plenty of food thanks to the generosity of the families who attended. When we weren’t grilling, eating, and chatting, we played family soccer and t-ball games. Somehow everyone made a home run, even our toddler guest!

After food, fun and great conversation, the day ended with an exciting parachute session. Together we all made a big tent; although it was a little hot to linger under it for too long! Children and parents alike left with new friendships and an unforgettable memory that we look forward to repeating at our next picnic in the fall. We hope to see all our teams next time; parents, siblings, and all!

Thanks for sharing this great photo and story with us Noelle!!


Twisters bring home team trophy!!

Great job Twisters!! Good luck in June! Thanks for the update Dave!

FV YMCA Twisters bring home team trophy

 Granby – The Level 5 Farmington Valley YMCA Twisters gymnastics team brings home team trophy after competing at Regional’s in Glenn Falls, New York, May 4 – 7.

In the Level 5 age division of 11 – 11 ½ bringing home individual awards was Cailin Hesketh whose all around score of 36.350 earned 2nd  place and Amy Briggs all around score of 36.250 earned 3rd .   In the next age division, Cara Ferro brought home 2nd with an all around score of 36.700.  Within the same level, Abby Larson and Julia Moody also brought home individual awards for their performance.

 Coming in 1st place in the Level 4 girls 10 – 11 age division was Evelyn Neagoy.   Dasha Sapronova and Kate Beaudry also placed within their age division.

Level 3 girls Eva Pokaski and Erin Moody placed 5th and 7th respectively in the 10 – 18 year old division.

Some of these girls will go on to compete at the National Level which will be held
June 29 – July 3 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.




Getting motivated again!

Here are two testimonies from members at the FV Y about how they have been motivated to get moving again!

1. My wife and I recently had our first child. Since his birth, we have found it difficult to be able to work out or get any type of exercise. We attempted to at least eat healthy, but are always on the go. Joining the YMCA has given us options to workout either with our son, by going to the lap pool, or without our son, by leaving him in the child watch while we work out.

Member at FV

2. I have a balanced diet but was not getting enough work out time. I have always enjoyed swimming but was not able to find a place that could accommodate lap swimming for an adult; so I would end up not getting any work out time. But since I joined the YMCA I work out at least four days a week and look forward to my workouts.

Member at FV

Baby Tsunami on the way!

On May 16th, Stephanie Calamari from our aquatics department was showered with lots of gifts and love for her new baby on the way.  What a great gift pictured above of homemade onesies with Baby Tsunami and the new Y logo.There was great food, lots of laughs, and a huge sense of family among everyone! Stephanie made a very moving speech thanking everyone for being so welcoming to her and he family from the minute she started working here. She broke out in tears when she said she really does feel like we are her second family. What a touching moment that really shows what the Y stands for and why we all love working here! Congrats to the Calamari family, can’t wait to meet baby Allessandra!!

Word of mouth gets random donation

Dave Corricelli received a letter along with a donation from a woman who heard about the gymnastics program here at the FV Y. This definitely shows how impactful stories and relationships can be!! Thanks Dave for sharing this.

Farmington Valley YMCA                                                4/24/12
Att: Gymnastics Program

The enclosed check is given to support the young women in your gymnastics program. Kathleen Moody told me about your program and how much her daughters enjoy it. Wishing you all continuing success! And thanks for all you do for young people.
Joanne W.

Health is Contagious!

Hi, everyone. I wanted to share a story from another of our Livestrong participants. Here is where the magic and healing happens….Thank you! Jackie


Health is contagious

Angela Hyde (two-time cancer survivor, breast and thyroid) is one of our daytime Livestrong participants. Initially, when I did the intake process she was extremely hesitant to join the program. Angela was not very active, and to use her own words, “I have a terrible time even getting off the couch” but thought she would try the program and felt that if she had a group that she was committed to, that would help her stay motivated.

Long story short, she is one of our most committed and dedicated participants. She has never missed a class, even comes in 15 minutes early to get moving before the class begins. She is in there sweating and working it out each and every class. Plus, Angela and a few of our other participants get together on the days that we don’t have a class, to workout and support each other.

 This is where the magic happens…this past Wednesday, Angela came in early as usual, but brought her husband, in his cute dad jeans, to work out with her. She feels so comfortable with us, that she is beginning to make health and wellness a part of her entire families’ lives.






“These are the guys I want to coach my kids”

Below is another testimony from a program parent that was sent to Dave Corricelli last week. Great job Tom and Jack!! 

I just wanted to say that Tom Nicholson and Jack Sennott were our coaches this year.  Our son was the one out for many weeks after having surgery.  Both of the coaches encouraged him to come to practice and games to keep up so they could put him in for the last two games.  Many other coaches would have written him off and not wanted to deal with this, not our coaches!  These are the guys I want to coach my kids, they taught our team that teamwork and trying your best were all that mattered.  Our kids were just as happy with a win, lose, or tie.  Tom was so into pumping our kids up to play hard and be proud of being an Orange Cobra.  Jack always had words of praise and support for each kid.  I could go on and on about how great this guys are. I want to thank you for everything you put into this program.


The Tarca Family

Livestrong Magic at FV

Admiration, Strength, and Resolve

Jess is a 33-year-old, active young woman with anal cancer. When she joined the program, she missed the first day due to a hospitalized chemo treatment, but then joined us for a few weeks until her next treatment.  The group got to know Jess and really care about her, so when she missed class for the next round of chemo, the group sent her email messages, prayers and well wishes. Now, she is going through pretty painful radiation but really doesn’t want to miss the program.  Jess feels like she needs to move her body because if she moves her body, she doesn’t have to take a very painful shot in the stomach to prevent blood clots.

This week, she was back, and to see the resolve and strength in that young woman, is truly admirable. The group was so supportive of her, we even kept the class close to a restroom for her to feel comfortable and reduce her anxiety.  She spoke with everyone at the end of class, she said she needs meditation piece to help with stress, and the stretching helps with all the cramping she has been experiencing and she feels so much better when she leaves.

 Wonderful program…and I am so proud to be a part of it. 

Thank you!