Quality Coaching at the Y

photo provided by The Traveling Studio

We love it when members pop in to tell us how much they love the Y!  A new member who recently moved to CT from Indiana, just wanted us to know how much he appreciates the quality swim coaching his family receives at the Indian Valley Family YMCA.   Thanks to our fine aquatics staff, the greater Ellington community is enjoying aquatics like never before!

Real Life Super Hero at my Y!

super hero triathlon

This past Sunday, I got to meet a real life Super Hero!   Diane came to our Fourth Annual Indian Valley Family YMCA Indoor Triathlon…and she CRUSHED IT!

But don’t just be impressed with that, I’d like to inform you that Diane is 78 years YOUNG and a nine (9) time Iron Man Triathlete.  Just in case you’ve forgotten, an Iron Man Triathlon includes the following:  2.5 mile swim; 120 mile bike; 26.2 mile run.

Diane is my hero and has given me enough inspiration for a lifetime!

I’ll help you…

Joe started out in the Ready to Be Fit room at the Indian Valley Family YMCA.  Wellness Attendant, Nicole Morehouse, started to notice Joe coming into the main gym area…he would stop and look around, then turn tail and head back to Ready to Be Fit.  One morning, Nicole decided to invite Joe to stay in the gym to work out.  Joe has a traumatic brain injury, and explained that he was really interested in the Universal Cable Machine, but did not know how to use it.  Nicole know what it means to work for the Y, so she showed him how to use the machine, but knew that the job was not finished.  Nicole set about to write up a workout program for Joe, which he now uses every day.  I’ll give you two guesses at who Joe’s favorite Wellness Attendant is…hands

Winter swim lessons mean summer fun!

courage little girlThere are many reasons why children take swimming lessons, building confidence, take part in a sport, and the most important to save their lives if they ever fall into a body of water. There are some children who have an inherent fear of water in their faces here at the Indian Valley Family YMCA we are not adverse to these children.  Amanda is one of those children. She has not had the best of swimming experiences. Amanda is a child who does not like water in her face as well as instantly sinks when not using supports. She has been taking lessons however has taken a break and had to start all over from square one! Yesterday as her first swimming lesson began she was gained the confidence to put her face in the water, confident kicking and scoops soon came next! She has overcome much in her short life so far and we cannot wait to continue watching her success in the pool!

My awesome view

Nobody thinks I’m listening…but I am!  This is the view from my desk on any given day here at the Indian Valley Family YMCA.  I look out on the Wellness Center and guess what, I eavesdrop.  This day, I was so inspired by the conversation I was listening to, I had to take a picture.  That’s Marla on the right, a Membership Services Representative who helped the Wellness Department kick start our first “Staff Wellness Challenge”.  She was at the Wellness desk, encouraging a member to stick to her plan and reach her goals.  Marla’s concern for our members does not stop at the Welcome Center, she is ALL IN and we love it!  Thanks Marla, for being a Wellness Ambassador EXTORDINARE…we can’t do it without you!talking about wellness

Indian Valley members run for the Annual Support Campaign

Our staff members believe in the Y!  A couple of our Group Exercise Instructors decided to battle the holiday bulge by holding a grass roots fun run after Christmas. To add an element of holiday cheer, a small donation was made by each participant, and then the total was donated to the Indian Valley Family YMCA Annual Support Campaign. The hostess, Allie, provided pizza and participants brought snacks and dessert items to share. The courageous group headed out for a three mile jog through one of the most challenging neighborhoods with head lamps and flashlights. Neighbors emerged to cheer the group on prompting spontaneous caroling! THIS is what the Y is all about! The resulting donation totaled over $300! Another run is already being planned for the springtime…count me in!Ridge Run 2013

Spontanious Wellness!

talking about wellness

Marla is a new Membership Staff member who just recently made a commitment to her personal wellness. She joined a Group Fitness class this morning and made a few new friends. One of our “everyday” members, Carrie, overheard Marla speaking to our Wellness Coordinator, Emily at the Wellness Desk and a fabulous chat about fitness, diet and exercise erupted right in front of me! #ilovemyjob!