Are they ready? Do they understand what is at stake?

I just came from a Camp Counselor training.  Let me first say that I love camp…it is what got me into the YMCA, as I began my “career” as a camp counselor.  The camp experience forever changed my life.  Today, as I gave my  portion of the camp training, complete with my “cow hat” and camp songs, I couldn’t help but wonder; “Do they really get it?”  I could see the spark in many of the counselors eyes….but then there were some that seemed to be “clocking it in”.  For some, they get it, for others it is just a summer job.  Maybe I’m just getting old, but I have no patience for “cool counselors”.  Those are the counselors who think that they will inspire kids just by being “cool”, not through the creatvity, zanyness and passion that makes a truly impactful counselor.  So, with all that is at stake (the opportunity to be that “caring adult” in the presence of every child), I have impressed upon my Camp Director to only accept the best.  We can’t afford to have a counselor “clocking it in” this summer.  Let’s be sure that our camp staff is ready, and understand what is at stake.

2 thoughts on “Are they ready? Do they understand what is at stake?

  1. Couldn’t agree more, John! I can imagine that you were an awesome camp counselor. Your post is also a good reminder to all of us that we need to pay attention to our staff all summer long- even the “camp crazy” counselors can get burned out if they aren’t feeling supported and appreciated.

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