Answer the Phone! (part 2)

The Tri-Town cell phone has been ringing A LOT lately- school is ending, camp is beginning, and the weather forecast keeps calling for rain in the middle of our sports programs.  So the other night, when the phone rang at 7:45 PM, I took a long breath before answering.

The number looked familiar- a grandmother had called our office earlier in the day to ask about joining swimming lessons, and I had left a voicemail message a few hours later.  The family hadn’t started lessons yet, and had asked our office staff if they could join mid-session, so I knew the call wasn’t an emergency- and I didn’t really expect to get a call just before I tucked my kids into bed that night!

I answered, because I was pretty sure that anyone calling at that hour REALLY wanted to talk.  We spent a few minutes talking about the logistics- how many lessons were left in this session, if we had a spot in the right class and when the next session started- and then she mentioned that her granddaughter had enjoyed swimming lessons for a few years, but that she’d had a scare during her last swim class and had been refusing to swim ever since.

We talked a little bit about that experience- the grandmother shared that an instructor in a different program had “pushed” her granddaughter too hard and she had “swallowed” a big mouthful of water.  After that class, the family had tried a session of classes with Mr. Ralfy at Tri-Town.  It wasn’t very successful- her granddaughter still didn’t want to get her face wet.  They took a break for a little while after that, but they’re feeling ready to start again.

I’m so glad that I answered the phone that night- I’m sure that we could have answered all of her questions the next day, but I know that there would have been lots of other distractions, too.  Now we know the story, and I can share it with Mr. Ralfy (when he gets back from his well-deserved vacation!).  He’s legendary among our swim families for his ability to convince hesitant swimmers to try “Just once!”, and I know that he’ll help this little swimmer feel safe again- just in time for some fun summer swimming!

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