A touching story by a Read to Succeed student……


Before coming to work at the Y, the times in my life  when I was humbled by what I saw or heard were much fewer and far between….

Now…it is almost every day…this is one of those days…..

Hunger in Children

by Daniel

Why do people eat? People eat when they’re hungry. People eat because they like to eat. People eat when they are mad or upset. There are some people who cannot eat because they don’t have money or the means to get food.

Why are children hungry? Children are going hungry because parents don’t have money to feed them. Some parents don’t have jobs, others spend their money on things they don’t need, and some parents spend money on drugs instead of food.

Where do these children get food? These children depend on other family members bringing them food. Sometimes they go to soup kitchens to get food. They don’t always go with their parents because their parents often don’t care. I have known seven year old kids taking their younger brothers and sisters to soup kitchens to get something to eat.

Some kids wait until they go to school and eat as much as they can at breakfast and lunch because they won’t eat again until the next day. They will pack extra food into their back packs to save for later at home. Some kids beg for money at gas stations, in front of convenience stores, on street corners, anywhere just to get money. In extreme cases, they will steal.

Who should feed these children? In an ideal world the kids’ parents are the ones who should feed them by taking responsibility for their children. However, this is nowhere near an ideal world. The question remains, WHO should feed these children? I would like to know because I was one of them.


Sue- Downtown


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