A story about honor

Last night’s Annual Meeting was a huge success. It was evident that everyone in attendance is working towards the same goals and it shows through our attitudes and dedication.

The East Hartford Y invited a long time parent to attend the Annual Meeting. This mom was chosen because her child has been in our program all throughout preschool and she has shown the us at the Y what it means to be a dedicated and loving parent.

When she was invited to the Annual Meeting by our staff, she was taken aback and immediately said she felt honored to have been chosen from all of the families in all of our programs here in East Hartford. She was excited to be apart of this grand event, to dress up and mingle with the caring adults who are changing lives every day within the Y.

It was an honor to us, the adults that she so easily trusts with the life of her young son each day, to have her hear and see what the Y truly is all about.

Jenn Odorczyk
Child Care Director
East Hartford YMCA

One thought on “A story about honor

  1. Jenn – Your experience and that of the East Hartford mom at last night’s Annual Meeting was shared by many. I found it to be very inspiring as well.

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