A Night To Celebrate!

This week Downtown held it’s Annual Meeting at Hot Tomatoes restaurant in Hartford.  All staff and board members were invited to attend this “celebration” of a year of transition and hard work at the Downtown Y.

It was obvious to anyone who attended the meeting, that Downtown is a special place. Several members of staff spoke about how close we are as a staff and how hugs and encouragement are plentiful. This is what makes us different…we truly care about each other and love each other and we aren’t afraid to show it!! This rubs off on our members and creates an environment of support and caring for each other.

Also at the meeting, the first “Sparkle” award was presented. “Sparkle”, is what Downtown is know for, we pride ourselves for it. Spreading sparkle really just means making people happy and making them excited about being here…creating an atmosphere of fun. People can go anywhere to work out…they want to be where it is fun and they feel welcome! They want to be where they feel part of something and that is what we aim to create every day at Downtown. Kirk Dixon was awarded the Sparkle award,  “For his dedication to the Downtown Y for Service, Smiles and Sparkle!” There’s no one better than Kirk for spreading sparkle………photo (19)

Great Job Kirk!

photo (21)

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