West Hartford YMCA’s Annual Campaign Social

Last night the West Hartford YMCA held an Annual Campaign Social at the Governor’s Residence to honor our amazing volunteers and staff. It’s no secret that without our volunteers, we would not be able to accomplish as much as we do. Their dedication and generosity allow us to provide the community with the resources and support that they need. We are SO thankful for their help and it was great to be able to dedicate a night in their honor.

Honored at the event were individuals from our Board of Directors, volunteers who have dedicated 5 or more years to the Y, Annual Campaign supporters, past LIVESTRONG AT THE Y participants and the members of our teen L.E.A.D program. Our Executive Director, Shawn Fongemie, presented our Board of Directors and longstanding volunteers with a framed certificate in honor of their hard work. Their commitment to helping us and the community deserved to be rewarded. They are truly amazing people.

Annual Campaign Social1

One of my favorite parts of the night was listening to the amazing speeches that were given. One of the individuals who spoke was a previous participant of our LIVESTRONG AT THE Y program. He expressed how much this program helped him during his recovery from a battle with cancer. The cancer made him feel like a stranger in his own body and he longed to return to the way he was before his diagnosis. He gained a lot of weight and didn’t seem to have the strength or motivation to lose it, but after joining LIVESTRONG AT THE Y, all of that changed. The support from others going through the same struggles and the guidance from the trainers in the program helped him to get back into shape and gain control of his life again. It  truly was an inspiring speech.

The event was definitely a success. We were able to thank a few of the many people who make the YMCA what it is. Thank you to all who attended. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Annual Campaign Social3

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