2011 Annual Meeting – “Very Special”

I love this organization! Last night, our 2011 Annual Meeting was a wonderful of what it means to be a “cause driven” organization. The meeting was a celebration of our commonality and diversity, and of our commitment to being relevant, impactful and intentional in everything we do. Those in attendance were young and senior, conservative and liberal, Black and White (and everything in between), native born and foriegn born, AND everyone was lovingly committed to those who were not present. While celebrating our hardwork and accomplishments, we recommitted ourselves to “servant leadership” and the betterment of those we do not YET serve. And this morning, twelve hours later, the spirit and electricity of last night is palatable as one person after another says: “Last night was very special.” It takes a “special team” to make “special” happen. WE, the YMCA of Greater Hartford, are a special team; I look forward to what 2012 will bring. I am honored to be a part of this team. With great admiration, James

3 thoughts on “2011 Annual Meeting – “Very Special”

  1. James, thank you for sharing with the staff, families and volunteers such an extradorinary evening. It is quite apparent that our organization is full of individuals who are committed to achieving amazing goals in the Greater Hartford area.

  2. Last night was a great success. The most frequent comments I heard were related to the brief stories each of “I Believe” presenters shared. Overwhelmingly, everyone wanted to talk about their similar story and how the event recharged their energy.

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